Moving with your pets in Duncan BC

How to safely move with your pets

How exciting to be moving into a new home! Unfortunately, your pets don’t understand why their world is being packed into boxes and their favorite chair has disappeared. For your pets, especially cats, moving can mean nothing but frightening chaos. A little bit of planning can result in a safe move that keeps stress as low as possible for your furry family. Here are some helpful tips to safely move with your pets. Continue reading “How to safely move with your pets”

Feng Sui your home for a quick sale

Whether or not you believe in traditional Chinese wisdom, and no matter who your potential buyers are, Feng Shui can help you sell your house. Feng Shui [fung-schway] literally means “wind and water.” It is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics that uses the laws of both heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive chi (energy flow). Continue reading “Feng Sui your home for a quick sale”

Watch out for these 10 hidden problems when house hunting

House hunting can be a challenging process, because so many problems may lurk beneath the surface of the lovely home you are viewing. Before you make an offer, you will want to get a proper home inspection report. But you should also educate yourself about potential hidden problems. Here are some of the worst. Continue reading “Watch out for these 10 hidden problems when house hunting”

How Owning a Home Helps Your Children Succeed

Raising your children in your own home is a dream shared by most Canadians as they begin to think about family planning. And rightfully so. Studies show what we may have always felt intuitively; home ownership has a positive impact on children not just in educational achievement but throughout their lives. So if you are deciding whether or not to buy, you might want to consider these findings. Continue reading “How Owning a Home Helps Your Children Succeed”